Canadiens Richie-Rich Line Like $$ in the Bank.

cammalleri_gomez_gionta_canadiensYou heard it here first people. I’ve dubbed the Montreal Canadiens’ best line so far in the pre-season… the “Richie-Rich-Line.” Why? The line consists of Brian Gionta ($5 million Right-wing), Mike Cammalleri ($5 million Left-wing) and Scott Gomez ($8 million Centre) the three highest paid forwards purchased by General Manager Bob Gainey this past off-season to breathe new life into the Canadiens’ attack. So far the Richie-Rich-Line has been the top performing line in pre-season games, a relief as their play buys them a reprieve from the relentless French media which is known for tearing into all non-franco/Quebecois players donning the bleu-blanc-rouge (reference Saku Koivu “criticized” by local reporter Bertrand “My-Neck-Is-Deep-Red” Raymond, for not being bilingual – a ridiculous accusation considering Koivu speaks English, Finnish and Swedish… that’s fine, most of us ignore Bert’s shallow and often old-school commentary which reads like it was written by an extremely tired old man).

With 7-days to the start of the regular season, Montreal looks all but set with the following forward line combinations:

  • Richie-Rich Line: Gionta-Gomez-Cammalleri
  • 2nd: Max Pacioretty-Tomas Plekanec-Andrei Kostitsyn
  • 3rd: Matt D’Agostini-Maxim Lapierre-Guillaume Latendresse
  • 4th: Sergei Kostitsyn-Travis Moen-Glen Metropolit

Depth/Taxi Squad: Gregory Stewart, Georges Laraque (enforcer)

There’s talk Jacques Martin wants to spread the Richie-Rich wealth around and drop Max-Pac onto the Rich-line while bumping Cammalleri to the second line to “balance the attack” but chances are the Richie-Rich Line will be Martin’s go-to trio when the game’s on the line.

Again you heard it here first, the “Richie-Rich Line.”

Resource: NHLNUMBERS.COM provides a comprehensive view of each NHL team’s salary cap situation.


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